About us


Sidani Group was founded in 1954 by Mr. Nabih Sidani. Started as a family business and rapidly became one of the largest holdings in Lebanon offering various services in the gas sector and related trading businesses.

Sidani Group, a rich history, looking into the future; a swift and smooth expansion; concrete realization in the Middle East and one objective in mind is to remain faithful to its traditions by continuously offering trustworthy services.

A glimpse on the companies that were founded and established by Sidani Group…

  • 1954 Sodigaz s.a.l
  • 1956 Gaz Orient s.a.l
  • 1957 Unigaz s.a.l
  • 1958 Newgaz s.a.l
  • 1959 Natagaz s.a.l
  • 1962 Gaz Equipment Co. s.a.l
  • 1972 Transaco Gaz s.a.r.l
  • 1974 Yemen Co. s.a.r.l
  • 1979 Frigigaz s.a.r.l
  • 1979 Sidaco s.a.l
  • 1979 Amicogaz s.a.l


Unigaz plant in Burj Hammoud in 1957




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